White Egg



Turnip greens can be picked when young and tender, and lightly steamed to eat. The root is best picked when 5 to 8 cm [2-3″] in diameter. They are susceptible to cut worms and maggots.Approximately 350 seeds/gram.

  • Sow 2 seeds / cm [5 seeds / inch] in furrows 1 cm [1/2″] deep and 20 cm [12″] apart.
  • Thin to 5 cm [2″].

White Egg – 50 days. Plants are 45 – 50 cm(18-20″) tall, cutleaf, medium green. Egg shaped 7.5 cm (2.5″) roots are crisp and white inside and out. Also, tops may be cooked as delicious greens.



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