Tendergreen Stringless*



The quality of home grown beans can not be found in a supermarket, and they are a healthy choice for any table. An 83 g serving of beans has 3 g of dietary fiber, and is a good source of vitamins A, C and calcium. Approximately 3.5 seeds/gram. Buy Tendergreen Stringless here


  • Do not presoak beans to hasten germination
  • Plant 5 cm [2″] apart and 2.5 cm [1″] deep
  • Beans are susceptible to diseases. Remove plants in fall and try not to plant in the same location for 3 years.

Tendergreen Stringless – 53 days. Plants 45-50 cm [18-20″] upright. Pods are round, dark green and stringless ranging 12-15 cm [5-6″] and set well off ground. Flavour is excellent and the plants are heat tolerant. Very productive. Resistant to common bean mosaic 1 virus [CBM 1]. Seed purple mottled fawn. Buy Tendergreen Stringless from seed centre.



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