Ruby Queen



A result of quick and steady growth, the best beets are sweet, smooth, tender and have good colour inside. Buy Ruby Queen from here.


  • Sow seeds 2.5 cm [1″] apart and 1.5 cm [0.5″] deep.
  • Thin to 8-10 cm apart when plants are 8-10 cm tall.
  • To prevent scabs, ensure the soil is rich with humas.
  • For best taste and appearance, harvest when globe varieties are about 8 cm wide.

Beet – Ruby Queen – 50 days. A very dark red interior, free from zoning. Very attractive short dark green tops, turning to red and fine tap root ideal for bunching. Roots are smooth, round and hold their shape even when crowded. An excellent early beet for the home and market gardener, and a common main crop for commercial purposes. Buy Ruby Queen from seed centre.



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