Romaine or Paris Cos (Parris Island)*



Lettuce is a hardy crop that can be started throughout the growing season. It prefers cool temperatures, growing best at 16°C to 19&degC. Approximately 900 seeds / gram. Buy Romaine or Paris Cos (Parris Island) from here.


  • Plant 7 mm [1/4″] deep in rows 30 to 60 cm [12-24″] apart.
  • Thin to 20 cm [8″] rows.
  • Plant 2 to 3 times deeper in the fall for the earliest spring lettuce.

Paris Cos – Romaine – 70 days. Plants large, upright 20-25 cm [8-10″] tall. Leaves broad and long, slightly savoyed. Medium green colour with greenish-white self blanching heart. Buy Romaine or Paris Cos (Parris Island) from seed centre.



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