Red Acre (Mid)



Cabbage is easy to grow, and an excellent source of vitamin C. An 84 g serving of cabbage has 2 g of dietary fiber. For best results, plant cabbage in rich humas and fertile loam. This heavy feeder does best in conditions favouring rapid growth, with adequate moisture during the entire growing period. Approximately 200 seeds per gram. Buy Red Acre Mid from here.


  • Transplant to garden when seedlings are 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Early varieties should be 45 cm apart, late varieties 60 cm apart.
  • Early varieties may split if to much moisture is applied after a dry spell.

Red Acre – Mid – 80 days from transplant. Heads globe shaped, solid, deep red. Diameter 15-18 cm [6-7″] averaging 1.5-2 kg [3-4 lbs] Plants are compact. Resists splitting. Great storage cabbage. Buy Red Acre Mid from seed centre.



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