Nantes Scarlet Coreless*



Sweet delicious carrots can only be achieved by growing your own. Approximately 620 seeds/gram. Buy Nantes Scarlet Coreless from here.


  • Soil should be worked 15 to 25 cm [6-8″] deep.
  • Avoid fresh manure which may cause forks, splits and tough hairy roots.
  • Sow seed at a rate of 2-3 per 2 cm about 1 cm deep.
  • Carrot seeds need to stay damp until sprouted.
  • Sprouts will NOT push through crusted soil.
  • Harvest after carrots have a good orange colour when flavour is best.

Nantes Scarlet Coreless – 68 days. Our best seller. Roots 17×3 cm [6.5×1.25″] Tops are medium small, but strong enough for bunching. Roots nearly cylindrical, blunt ended. Very sweet with a smooth skin, and bright orange red flesh. Buy Nantes Scarlet Coreless from seed centre.




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