Improved Laxton Progress



Picking fresh peas from your garden is always a treat. They are a good source of iron and an excellent source of vitamin C. Approximately 5 seeds / gram.


  • Plant seeds early in spring as soon as the soil can be prepared.
  • Sow seeds 2-3 cm apart and 2 cm deep.
  • Do not thin plants.
  • For best results, harvest in early summer or fall when peas enlarge pods.
  • A 6 metre row of plants will yield approximately 5 kg of pods.

Improved Laxton’s Progress – 55 days. Matures earlier than Laxton’s Progress. Pods contain 7-9 large wrinkled peas of exceptional quality. Vine is dwarf 40-45 cm [16-18″] The best early main crop variety. Recommended for freezing.



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