Improved Goldem Bantam



Taste, sweetness and yield are the chief considerations of most gardeners when choosing corn varieties. We have carefully selected our varieties to cater to these demands. Approximately 5 seeds/gram. Buy Improved Goldem Bantam from here.


  • The ground must be warm and moist for the corn seed to start to germinate. Early planting does not increase yield.
  • Corn can be transplanted. Peat pots can help avoid transplant shock.
  • Plants 3-5 seeds approximately 30 cm apart and 2 cm deep in blocks of 4 rows for wind and pollination factors.
  • Try 6-10 plants in large [25 litre] black plastic pots. It will keep the roots warm for earlier harvest.
  • Harvest when kernels are full and the juice inside them is ‘milky’.

Improved Golden Bantam – 69 days [Open Pollinated]. An improved strain of the classic Bantam variety that has been a top seller and home garden standard across North America for many years. Grows 1.5 m [5′] tall, and produces 18 cm [7″] ears with 12 rows of stout golden yellow kernels. Excellent for fresh use or freezing. Buy Improved Goldem Bantam from seed centre.



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