California Wonder*



Growing peppers can be very challenging and rewarding. An excellent source of Vitamin C.

  • Start plants 8 to 10 weeks prior to transplanting outdoors.
  • Sow seed 7 mm [1/4″] deep.
  • Plant outdoors when soil is warm.
  • When full size, pick promptly to encourage new growth.
  • If temperature drops below 7°C, fruit set will be hindered

California Wonder – 72 days from transplant. Special mosaic resistant stock. Thick walled, blocky fruits 10 cm long and 9 cm across [4×3.5″] 3-4 lobes. Smooth glossy green peppers borne upright on 60-75 cm [24-30″] plants. Peppers will turn red if left to fully mature. Excellent for stuffing and recommended for freezing.



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