California Mix



One of the easiest flowers to grow. Bright cheerful flowers on slender stems above low growing foliage. Best displayed in mass plantings. Frequently re-seed if spent blooms are not removed. Will tolerate dry conditions. Seed needs light to germinate. Recommend sowing in peat pots. Also wee perennial poppys of page xxx.

Poppy – California Mix

Habit:  Annual
Height:  40 to 45 cm [16-18″]
Light:  Full Sun
Seed before Transplant:  4 to 6 weeks or direct
Spacing:  25 to 30 cm [10-12″]

– Very bright colours in a mix of single and semi-double blooms. 45 cm [18″] plants with flowers in shades of rose, gold, cherry, scarlet and pink.


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